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"Running Babushka wants Absolute Champion to be a game in which players can come together and compete in tournaments for real money online."

"Thankfully a new game Absolute Champion may help change the way we view fighting games." SavageGamers

"So theoretically a player could make a decent second income being an online MMA fighter. " Cliqist

Dear fighter,

We have completed the core game-play, character modeling as well as back-end technology. We are now developing, tweaking and perfecting the amazing 3D animations which are powered by the Unity 3D engine. When the animation is finished we will be set to push the beta release. Please subscribe for the beta and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Dear AC friends!
Thanks for patience, we really appreciate it. AC is very challenging but fun project we develop. Meanwhile we made a simple but fun game called R.I.P. Zombie. Its zombie survival puzzle RPG game. It’s not about sweet candies, or jelly, it’s about how to use your brain to crash zombies. Please check that game. Android version is available now and IOS is coming soon!
Dear Beta Tester ,
Thank you for your interest in joining the Absolute Champion testing team. If Absolute Champion is new to you then the following is a brief overview of this exciting new game.

Absolute Champion is a turn-based MMA-MMORPG. We are currently in a pre-alpha stage of development with basic fighting strategies in operation but we are working diligently to clean the rough edges and make AC as fun and enjoyable as possible. Once we hit beta we will inform you as to when we will begin our private closed beta. Of course those who exhibit the most interest in anticipation of Absolute Champion will be placed first in line for an invitation to this closed beta. We will definitely remember those AC followers who have given input and help upon release by offering special "goodies" from within the game. 
Unfortunately we can't tell you everything that will be in the game because that might spoil the surprise of what awaits you!
But we can say that AC will be a gaming industry "game changer". Not because it is an MMA game or even because it's a fighting game, but because of the unique format in which it will be played and enjoyed. More of these secrets will be revealed within the closed beta. 

Thanks again for your interest and willingness to help make Absolute Champion the absolute best. 

The AC Team

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